Official “Lyric Video” One Minute Released EXILIA

Posted: August 26, 2015 in Music & News
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EXILIA’s new album PURITY will be out in just a few weeks, and already another single from the record has been released.The new  single is called “One Minute” for which they’ve done a lyric video, and it’s the perfect follow up to the band’s last official single “Bliss“.

This song shows a more heavy and wild sound and brings back the roughness and edgy side to Masha’s voice while drawing your attention to every single “word”, as she loudly confronts the ills of the world we are living in today.

Our society is profoundly sick and we should refuse to adapt to it but then what is it exactly that we’re supposed to adapt to?” Says Masha – “Sometimes we feel a void inside that we can’t even explain and I think sometimes the problem is that we can’t identify with the world as it is now … Our world does have its problems: crime, poverty, war, pollution, overpopulation and political corruption. It’s no utopia, that’s for sure, but what is the best way to approach these problems? It’s hard to find answer to all of this… I just try to think about it and express my feelings through music and I guess the best way is to be aware of ourselves and the world we live in.

Purity is the 5th album from Italian alternative rock act EXILIA Pulsing with the kind of energy that every band wishes
they could capture, it is near impossible to listen to “Purity” without being excited by it.

The artwork was created by Gianni Corrado and, as Masha Mysmane explains”I was looking for something new,
something that would  complement the music that we’ve been working so hard on these last couple of years.


Produced by Alessio Camagni & the complete team of Noise Factory Studio in Milan Italy,

Track Listing

1. Rewind
2. She’s not me
3. New Bloom
4. Bliss
5. Dancing for the Sky
6. Purity
7. One Minute
8. Closer
9. 5 secrets
10. From You
11. Words

“PURITY”  Release Date September 25th, via Eat The Beat Music Worldwide|Gracie Productions/Universal USA 
pre-order it on
iTunes now & you will get instant downloads of each of the two singles.


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